“We had been looking to inspire our community of engineering and technology volunteers to tell personal stories for a few years as part of our strategy to make our National Engineering Month campaign as accessible, exciting, and inclusive as possible. With Erin, we were thrilled to find someone who not only shared our appreciation for the power of storytelling, but also a whole lot of enthusiasm and practical experience on coaching anyone -- even engineers and technologists -- to tell great stories!

Erin worked with us to educate and inspire everyone one of our 1600+ volunteers. Through an original webinar on how to use the power of storytelling to make our popular events even stronger, private coaching of storytellers and an original storytelling event, she helped our us to spread our core theme "There's a place for you".  The event was a huge success, and the videos from it filmed during our campaign in March 2017 have inspired current engineers, technologists and students, and also our target audience: the next generation. Erin helped to craft the show's storytellers experiences into engaging, compelling and shareable videos that we are proud to share with the world. “

Erica Lee Garcia, P.Eng., on behalf of the steering committee for National Engineering Month Ontario

“We made an excellent decision when we contracted Erin Rodgers to do a storytelling workshop for over 300 participants at our Annual Unifor Women’s Conference in Port Elgin, Ontario. Our goal was to highlight for our participants that their stories have the power to shift decisions that impact us as women and as workers. Erin helped our participants tap into what their story is and how to deliver it effectively.

She brought a wealth of experience, professionalism and humour. It was a pleasure to watch her skillfully tease out stories from our participants. I also really appreciated how she validated people who got to the microphone to share their stories which were often quite personal. It is testament to the type of environment that Erin created because women felt empowered to get up and share their powerful truths.

Erin has a real knack for making people, particularly those who have absolutely no experience in front of a camera, feel like they can open up. I recommend her without hesitation.”

Robin Fairchild Clennell, National Representative, Unifor Education Department

“Erin brings energy, fun, and efficiency to any scenario. With her help, the launch of our web app attracted 200 people who were engaged and happy throughout the entire process. With impressive ideas and flawless execution, this is a lady you want in your corner!" 

Victoria Alleyne - Executive Director, Career Skills Incubator

“I found your creative approach a source of refreshing inspiration”

Dan Yashinsky - Director, Toronto Storytelling Festival

“The event flies by without any urge to escape into a corner, stare into your smart phone, and pretend to text your friends. (Surely I'm not the only one who normally does that at events.)" 

Sharilyn Johnson - Copywriter, Blogger, Freelance Writer

"Thank you for the good work you are doing. Stories are such an important and positive part of the human experience, that's often suppressed in our "modern" western culture. Your actions are important and I admire them."

Boris Martin - CEO, Engineers Without Borders Canada

"Erin beautifully transformed a handful of engineers and technologists into authentic and powerful storytellers for a National Engineering Month event. Her enthusiasm was contagions and I was able to connect with her effortlessly from the moment we first spoke. Her genuine support was evident during the whole process and she is the reason why I truly enjoyed my first exposure to the world of storytelling! Thank you Erin!"

Shivangna Kaistha - Storyteller, National Engineering Month Storytelling Event