Erin Rodgers is a...okay, forget this 3rd person stuff. *I* am a social, fun, go-getter who loves to connect others while connecting with them. But I wasn’t always that way.  In fact for years I was what I would describe as an “indoor kid” and had huge difficulties connecting with people.  Even maintaining eye contact was a struggle.

But then I discovered performing and became the sociable, chatty person I always was inside and spent over 10 years performing all over Toronto at bars that smelled like stale beer and feet.  I even toured Canada (and performed in bars that smelled like DIFFERENT stale beer and feet).  I had a good run, but, it just wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore (you can only smell so many beers and feet)

Then one day I discovered the world of storytelling and fell in love.  I began working with individuals and organizations to use the power of their life experience and personal stories to inspire and thrill their audience. Whether that audience was a politician they wanted to lobby, thousands of people at a conference or the next generation of change makers.

Now I'm the secret weapon of clients who want to make sure their talk is fun, memorable and completely original.  

What if you, too, could connect with an audience that has them not just inspired, but bragging to everyone they know that they got to see you?

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