You're really passionate about your work and part of it involves talking about it to other people. Whether that's at a conference or just to a room of investors, your job requires you to stand up at the front of the room and give a talk or presentation. You care SO MUCH about the subject matter. You just know that, if you could get that across, the people listening would care too.

But once you start talking, something happens... and not in a good way. People's eyes glaze over. You see them start to fidget. And when you've finished, you're sure of one thing: They don't get it. Not like you need them to.

Imagine if it was different. Imagine if talking about your work made your audience's eyes light up. Made them grin and look as excited as you feel. After the presentation, they're lining up to talk to you.

And getting them on board? It's already a done deal, as soon as you start your talk.

I'm Erin Rodgers and I've got you. I help brilliant people like you figure out how to get the passion you feel into your talks and presentations. As a Storytelling Coach, I've taught hundreds of people across Canada how to communicate in a way that captivates any audience, whether that's the audience at a conference or politicians on Parliament Hill.

I'd love to help you. I can show you exactly what you need to do when you're presenting so that listeners will sit up and take notice, understand exactly what you want them to and even become as excited about this as you are!

The best part? The process is fun and easy. I have sat in enough mind-numbing seminars to know that boring teaching doesn't get results. I want you to actually enjoy the process of getting better at speaking, so I make sure every lesson is engaging, engrossing and enjoyable. In other words it’s a great time!

"I was lucky enough to work with Erin Rodgers while preparing for an important speech. She was able to help me re-frame my thinking by asking me insightful questions and taking me through fun exercises, which in turn, inspired a more honest and thoughtful delivery. Erin was a positive support throughout the entire writing process and I am delighted to say that the speech went off without a hitch. I would highly recommend Erin and I will certainly be reaching out again in the future." -Lisa Carrie Goldberg, Owner of Action Potential Lab

I also know how important presentation skills are. And don't worry, these are learned skills. Even if you don't think you could feel comfortable on stage, I can show you how to relax and actually enjoy the process (really!!).

The result? A way to talk about your work that feels great to you and instills passion and excitement in your audience. Skills to stand up in front of ANY crowd and describe your subject in a way that's clear, compelling and charismatic.

Sound good? Let's talk! You can book a free, no obligation 15 minute chat by clicking HERE: Let’s Talk! Speaking in front of people is powerful. It's time to harness that for yourself.