Individual Coaching - I will help you to shape an existing piece, or build up a new speech from scratch. Using a combination of fun and helpful exercises tailored to fit your learning style we will work together to create a speech that will have audiences cheering. Are you anxious about speaking in public? I’ve got you! Are you veteran speaker? I’ll help you level up from amazing to LEGENDARY

Group Coaching - Could your team benefit from gaining superpower level connecting with an audience? (hint: everyone can) Do you have a project you need to get the public on board with, an education campaign to undertake, or do you need to lobby the government? I train groups to use the science of storytelling and connection to capture and retain the attention of decision makers.

Speaking-  I will bring one of my popular, high-energy and interactive talks to your event or conference. Be prepared for your audience to leave inspired and with easily actionable tips that will revolutionize the work they do.

Story Star - All that and a bag of chips (and they’re the good, kettle cooked kind). I will bring my over 10 years of experience as a speaker, writer and storyteller to help you or your team create stories that dazzle. Do you want your keynote to shine, your end of year to inspire or your youtube videos to be the one people love to share? With a combination of exercises, group work and practical coaching I will train you how to use the power of authentic stories to connect with your audience. You and your team will leave with a toolkit of skills that will forever change your working life.

Let’s talk about the way I help you learn to refine the skills you already have naturally and use them to connect with audiences, stakeholders and decision makers like never before Click here to find out more